>How to Cut Mikey’s Hair in 6 Easy Steps


So it was Saturday night and we didn’t have anything going on, so we thought… let’s give Mikey a haircut! With clippers! That would be lots and lots of fun!
One: we stand you up on the toilet. Are you sure that’s smart, Mami? Of course it is! What could go wrong? A toddler standing on the toilet and Mami holding clippers and trying to keep him still, that will be great!

Two: Push too hard on the Mikey’s head with the clippers, knocking him off the toilet, into the tub. There are no pictures of that part, since Papi put the camera down to help us. Very nice of him.
Three: Cry, cry, cry and cry some more.

Four: Pout, glare angrily at Mama. Makes for a good time. Remember to scream at girls, out!out! out of the bathroom! Can’t you see we’re cutting Mikey’s hair?!!

Five : Would candy help? Yes? Why didn’t we do that sooner? Say, before I knocked you down? Note: when you drop the clippers and break the guard, remember to put a new guard on before trying to resume the haircut.

Six: Show off your handywork. See? Not such a bad haircut! This is Papi asking me if I can give him one of those cool sideburn fades. All the kids are wearing them.

Handsome Mikeys.


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