The Room O’ Fun!
Grandpa made all the kids their own bookcase for Christmas. Thank you Grandpa! We opted to hang ours on the wall in our “craft” room and make it into a wall of pure happiness for the kiddos. They love being able to see everything. I love that they can’t reach above the bottom shelf…

Grandma made each kiddo a pillow for Christmas. They even have their names on them! Thank you Grandma! We set up a little reading nook in one corner of the room. They love getting all cozy with a lamp on and a few good books.

We have a table in this room too. Just right for projects and paint and play dough and everything else I don’t want in my dining room.


2 thoughts on “>Behold!

  1. >luck-y! a dining room! what luxury. :)I LOVE the idea of hanging the bookcases. I have been trying and trying to figure out where to put craft stuff/books where they are easily accessible (to me) and not so easily accessible (to Them). Great idea (if you don’t have to worry about earthquakes).

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