>We went to a free screening of “Under the Deep” and “African Safari”, both by National Geographic. As a bonus it was in 3-D! Fun!

Within 30 seconds, Mikey had ripped his glasses off and was glaring at the screen, deeply offended. Elia lasted 5 minutes before burying her face in my side and sobbing with fear. Josie enjoyed it all. After a little break for pizza and pop, we enjoyed the Africa much more.


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  1. >Ok, that was my first thought: the kids WANTED to see this? L. would definitely have cried, too. She is afraid of everything (almost).And A. would cry if L. cried…BR is in that squirmy phase now where he won’t sit on my lap for any period of time. Thankfully he is pretty happy in a playpen or his highchair for extended periods of time or I don’t know what I would do! He attacks the tv, bookshelves, computer/modem, everything!!

  2. >The Africa movie was really low key. Followed a photographer as he traveled through the bush to get pictures of animals. We saw lions, elephants and hippos. Nothing violent or scary, your kids might like it. The sitting still is hard, though… Fortunately Mikey had chips and pop and pizza to focus on, so he was kept pretty busy. Oh! And kid 2 and under are free! I do like free!

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