>What is Chicken Made of?

>So the girls have been really interested in where our food comes from, i.e., how things grow, where things grow, what our different foods are made of. We’ve been having lots of dinnertable discussions about what ham is made of, where potatoes grow and why chicken is made out of chicken and not pork. Very heady stuff.

We were talking about pork last night and I was giving way too much detail about the butchering process, but they seemed interested, so I ran with it.

Elia: What happens after they kill the pig?

Mami: They usually skin it, take out its insides and cut it into all the pieces we eat.

Josie: Do they cut the head off?

Mami: Yes.

Elia (with furrowed brow): Do they kill baby pigs for food?

Mami (thinking she is in for some trouble): Yes.

Elia: hmmmm….. I bet they’re yummy.

So I guess we’re not going vegetarian any time soon.


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