>The other stage

> Soon after the babies begin to crawl, they begin to explore. They go all over and get into everything.

The big draw for all my kidlets has been the onions and potatoes. What is it about onions and potatoes that taste and feel so good? The papery skin you can peel and crush? The mesh bag you can smoosh in your hands and suck on?

The potato that is so sweet and cool? So soothing to the teething gums?
I don’t know how many times I’ve cooked with potatoes that have teeth marks all over them. As if they’ve been attacked by a rabid hamster. Or the Pickle.

Mmmmmmm, good.
On a side note, the garlic is also tasty. The Pickle was crawling around working something in his mouth, so I stopped him to see what it was. He saw me coming at him and, ptuey! spit out a chewed up piece of garlic! That clove was clean and sucked dry. And Del has not been bitten by a vampire since…