>”Alien Mommy” by Josie, age 3

Note: This picture bears no resemblance to me. My nose is much smaller.


One thought on “>Portrait

  1. >wish you’d have let us guess again this time…I think I might have gotten that it was you, Kris! ha-ha…wow…where do we start with this one? I think I see 2 legs so the other 6 appendages are an awful lot of arms I guess? Or are there 2 arms and 4 other things? Actually all 6 of those perpendicular appendages look a little like maybe snow ski poles…maybe those skinny little swords…oh I can’t think of the name for them…is it like a voodoo doll of Mommy? Oh…I just about give up. Actually, I imagine Josie sees her mommy as the one who is constantly…re-directing her or perhaps helping her and arms are a good way to illustrate that. Very nice for a 3 year old. Have you ever read Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis?” If not…perhaps Josie has? ha-ha-ha-ha…thanks for being so brave to put this one up when you knew I’d see it AND comment on it!!!

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