>New Room

>For the past six months, if you wanted to find the enanospapi between the hours of 5am and 8am, you would only have to walk up the stairs and check in the attic.

He has been hard at work making a new room for our little brood. There has been plenty of help from Tio Kenny, ripping up flooring and laying some down; Uncle Dave, helping with drywall; and Grandpa, helping with just about everything else.

Some trim work still needs doing, and a few details need adjusting, but the room is functional!

Last week we had carpet installed, and now the children are sweetly sleeping upstairs.
They are so very excited to have this wonderful room.

This video is a tad long, it was originally meant for ice cream grandma, but her email account, said NO.

Watch what you want and stop when you’re ready.


Thank you, Papi, for the wonderful room!


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