>Beauty is in the Eye…

>At our YMCA they have child care so you can drop your kids off and go work out.  The staff is mostly teenagers, with an occasional older person thrown in, but mostly teens.  

This week we got a new staff member named Carissa.  She is fun to look at.  She is all decked out in goth/skater/hardcore/punk clothes, with 4 necklaces, 30 bracelets and who knows how many earrings.  Her eyes are heavily rimmed in kohl.  Her hair is spiky, jet black and neon pink.  Her pants are skin tight and match her hair. Her hoodie is freely decorated with stars and jolly rogers.  Her fingernails are multicolored, as are the rubber bands on her braces.  Braces!  How bad can you be if you still wear braces, really?
So last night I dropped the kids off, worked out, picked the kids up.  On the way home I hear a little voice from the back:
Josie::  Mama, I think I am in love with Miss Carissa.
Me::  Really?  Why?
Josie::  Because she is faaaaaancy!
(under her breath)…..someday I will have hair like hers…

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