>Two Questions

>One – Why, when small children use glue, is it essential that the bottle lay on it’s side while open?  On the edge of the table, I might add.  Is that for easier access?  Is glue easier to use when puddled under the table, rather than when squeezed from a bottle?

Two – Do you ever sweep things back under the couch because you just don’t feel like picking anything else up?

2 thoughts on “>Two Questions

  1. >Three – are we the only parents who when we don’t feel like cooking for our kids, send them to the back seat of the car and then tell them to “scrounge.” (there’s always plenty of food somewhere in between the seats)oh…we are the only parents? never mind…we would never do that…promise.

  2. >too funny. four: if you are one year old and you find a marker (or five), do you really need to decorate the back of your head with it? why the back, in particular?

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