>Kappa Kappa Phelta Thigh


So the Josie has a bit of an ear infection. She was prescribed some medicine, bubble gum flavor. The best, she says.
But now our house has turned into something of a frat party twice a day. I hand Josie her shot of drugs, everyone gathers round and chants, “Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink!”.

Josie coyly puts the liquid to her lips… wait for it… wait for it… the crowd chants louder! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink!

And she gulps it all down! The crowd goes wild!

They are all going to college AT HOME.


2 thoughts on “>Kappa Kappa Phelta Thigh

  1. >”home colleged”?!?hmmm…you could be on to something. seeing as the economy, salaries and just about everything else that is good is contracting but tuitions continue to rise maybe you could start a hugely popular and lucrative home colleged consultant business…now…how do we get this to work for those parents who barely graduated from high school…ahh…don’t worry about it…it’s the Ivy Leaguers who led us into this stupid mess! lolmaybe the kids wouldn’t have found this so exciting if the needle wasn’t still in the syringe

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