So cool.

We were watching Planet Earth the other day and I was explaining to the kids the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Telling them about made up stories and stories that are true… and blah, blah, blah, nobody is listening to me… just be quiet so we can watch the movie, mom.

At one point there is a slow motion shot of a killer whale coming up out of the water and eating a seal in one big gulp. At the end of the shot the seal is literally gone – only a small bit of tail is peeking out of the whale’s mouth.

Elia stands up, pauses the movie and turns to me, wide eyed and breathless.
“Wait. Wait. Wait. ….Whoah. Whoah. … Is this real? Are those icebergs real? Is that whale real? Did he just EAT a seal? Is this true? It is REAL?”

Me: Yes, it is real.

Elia: Sigh, that is SO cool.