worth it

The house was a mess this morning. There were supper and breakfast dishes piled in the sink. Clean laundry piled in each of our rooms, the bathroom needed cleaning. The kids’ room was a trash pit – for some reason the children felt the need to empty every single ever lovin drawer in their room. Every single one. So that was nice.

I was overwhelmed by all the things that needed doing, so I took a deep breath, gathered my energy and
took everyone to the Peggy Notebart Nature Museum in Chicago.

What? You thought I would clean? Maybe wash dishes? Not today, my friends!
We needed tamales and ponche ingredients for tomorrow’s Spanish Fiesta!
We needed a warm humid environment filled with flowers and butterflies.
We needed things found only in Chicago.

And we got this:

The dishes are still in the sink. I have managed to add tonights supper dishes to the pile. Our rooms are still a disaster, the kids are loud and a bit crazy, and their room will need a shovel just to find the carpet.
But it was worth it.

Note: Elia is not smiling with happiness. She is grimacing in fear, whispering, “get it off, get it off, get it off”, while I tell her to wait! let me get the camera!

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