How we cook now.

Phew! We have covered almost all the important stages in life in the last two weeks! Two funerals, one baptism, one first communion and yesterday the girls and I went to a baby shower. All we are missing is a wedding and a birthday, and I don’t think we have those coming for a couple months.

In an effort to catch our collective breath, we will be doing a whole lot of nothing today. A park might get visited, there will be books read and a bit of laying around. Unfortunately, I will still need to do laundry. Ah, laundry. I have found that I MUST do two loads of laundry a day in order to stay just a little bit behind instead of completely overwhelmed. Two loads is the minimum, every single day. What? What if if there are not two loads of laundry in the basement? Well, I have to run the empty washer and dryer twice. Just run them empty. It fulfills the requirement of the laundry gods. Some people sacrifice goats, I sacrifice water and detergent. If I don’t do that, they send a magic fairy who dumps 35 loads of laundry on me. The laundry fairy is not a visitor you want. I know, gods and fairies don’t go together, but I know no other way to explain the mythic proportions of our laundry pile.

On to the picture!

You’ve seen our cooking evolve from me with children on my back to children in the sink to children on the counter. We are running out of space! This is our new preferred cooking method. Mikey is washing dishes (and the floor), Elia is making fruit punch (super excited!) and Josie is preparing to raid my spice cabinet so she could make “toads in the hole”. I have no idea where Del was. Napping? In a closet? Who knows. The kids looooove toads in the hole. It is an egg fried inside a hole in a piece of toast. The girls are able to make them almost without help. The egg cracking is hard, so I am called in to consult, but I think the combination of making your own lunch along with a free hand on my spices makes them want to eat anything. My only rule is that they are able to season however they like, but they have to eat it. They’ve eaten some strange tasting things.

Josie belives in Tajin. The chili, salt, lemon combo makes anything taste good, in her opinion. Elia loves salt. And pepper. And oregano. And cinnamon. All together.

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