I Get By

We are having our floors refinished this week.
It is a messy and long process, the sanding, the cleaning, the varnishing, the what not.

So we are not at home.

Our gracious and kind parents (Mike’s folks) have allowed us to invade their home for the duration and we have taken over. I’m not sure if they knew what they were getting into, but it’s too late now! Hi Mom and Dad! We haven’t broken anything! yet…

Today we were not even at our home away from home. We will attempt to keep up with our normal weekly activities, even though we are staying 40 minutes from Chesterton. I also predict a few extra museum outings just to keep us from re-arranging the house on a molecular level.
Today we hit the Children’s Museum and you will never guess where we spent most of our time.
Oh, the creations! Oh, the building! Oh, the grocery shopping!

We did visit the water section early in the day, where, despite a head to toe raincoat, Del managed to soak himself from head to toe. In one section, you could arrange pipes to design all types of fountains, and I watched Del hook a tube up to a coupler while the other end of the tube directed water directly into his sleeve allowing it to flow down over his shoes. Sigh, being too late to stop him, I just leaned back and let it happen. Despite his soggy drawers, he had a fantastic day.

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