The Cake

So these pictures have been waiting since early morning to be posted, but the day is just not going my way.
Nothing huge, just little annoying things.
Right now Del is laying on my bed, SCREAMING, “I am mad at you! I don’t want to sleep!I don’t need a nap! I am MAAAAAAAD! AAAAAT! YOOOUUUUUUU!” So that’s fun.

The older kids are watching Harry Potter – yes, it’s 3pm, no, it’s not educational, and well, whatever.

On the plus side, the girls made their own prayer chapel under the forsythia this morning.
They even have a little money box hanging so you can give money to the poor.
Mikey did not give any of his money to the poor. They just thought I should know.
If any of you have extra money for the poor just stop by our backyard, the far left corner. You can even take a seat in the miniature plastic lawn chair and say a quick prayer. We won’t ask you why you are in our back yard, and we promise to give your money to “real” poor people. Just in case you thought we might take that money and spend it at the resale – the girls would like you to know that that would never happen. Oh, and they would also like you to know that Mikey has still not given any of his birthday money to the poor.

So! On to the cake!

It was a pretty fantastic cake, if I do say so myself. I do not make cakes. I make cobblers, crisps, bread. Cakes are not for me. Cakes require too much from me, and I don’t have that much to give. We usually leave the birthday cake making to Grandma, her cakes are much nicer and taste much, much better.

But I saw this rainbow cake somewhere in Internet land, I’m not sure where right now. Maybe at i am baker? She’s my newest spot to ogle baked desserts. Her chocolate covered cherry cake? I want to eat it right now.

Anyway, this cake is rainbow and tall and extra sweet and crazy.

We all loved looking at it. We kind of liked eating it. It tasted fine, I used paste food coloring, so the bright colors did not affect the taste of the cake, we are just not cake people. We are cobbler, crisp and bread people. We each had some, and the neighbors enjoyed the rest. Next birthday I am following my sister’s lead and making the kids their favorite cobbler. Or maybe a mountain of Tia Esme’s chocolate chip cookies!

So there you have the cake.

I think the Del has stopped his screaming, he should be crumpled in a sweaty mess on my pillow, the older kids are still watching Mr. Potter, and I am off to mop the kitchen floor.

Oh, and the Mikey has decided the he might give a little money to the poor, maybe then the girls will stop bugging him. That’s how we encourage charity around these parts. We annoy you until you give something just to make us be quiet. It works!

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