Poetry Wednesday, Vol. 84

The blog has been a bit silent in the last few weeks. No real reason exactly, just busyness, lack of picture taking, and there seems to be nothing new and exciting happening. I’ve hit this mental wall, and feel kind of boring, personally. There was also some sort of stomach flu/violent illness for me last weekend, and that was exciting, but you don’t need the details. Let’s just say I slept in the tub one night and leave it at that. Nobody else in the family got it, for which I am grateful.

And really, when this is your everyday life, how can it get more exciting?

The kids and I have been reading Jack Prelutsky (thanks, Carol, for reminding me – I forget about the great kid poets sometimes!) and have really enjoyed his Gargoyle On the Roof. We do love scaring ourselves spitless with things that go bump in the night, in good Hanna tradition. I’m posting a particular favorite, although there is some debate as to exactly what kind of monsters we are. If you had to choose, what kind of monsters would your family consist of? Hard to choose, right?

My Sister is a Werewolf

Jack Prelutsky

My sister is a werewolf.
It’s disquieting and strange.
One moonlight night I watched her
Undergo a sudden change.
Her arms and face grew hairy,
And her voice became a roar.
In some ways she looked better
Than she’d ever looked before.
I ran and told our parents,
Who began to fret and fuss
In despair and disapproval,
Moaning, “No! She’s not like us!”
I adore my sister dearly
But reluctantly agree-
How i wish she were a vampire
Like her loving family.