Poetry Wednesday, Vol. 93 (the nothing edition)

I am sorry friends, but there is no poem today. Even though I feel as if we have been doing nothing, we have been very, very busy doing it. There is no poem, I have not been reading poetry, and the trusty husband has been busy with work, home and a new website for me.

I believe I will be taking a summer break from Poetry Wednesday. There may be a poem here or there tucked on this here blog, but no linky – for the moment. Please check out all the people on the side bar – they are faithful with their lovely poetry and thoughts on each individual poem.

We have plans for our future and plans for me, plans for kids and flowers. Some hints? Well, I’m pursuing flowers. I will be hosting a couple of classes this summer (details to come), we are working on website, marketing, and all that good stuff. The husband is figuring future schooling for himself, which of course affects our little family. What does the future hold? We don’t know. But we step forward with faith that God will hold us and will catch us when we stumble.

Tomorrow expect a whole bunch of pictures catching you up on all our doings. I hope to jump back into this neglected little EnanosLivoLand with both feet. See you tomorrow!

I will be adding a linky today, please be sure and stop by each link!