At the wrong time

The problem with funerals is that they never come at the right time. You never feel as if you were able to adequately say good bye, you feel as if you only had had a few more days, months, or years, you could have told that person exactly how much you loved them and exactly how much they meant to you. Just a little more time and you would be ready to say good bye.

But of course, no matter when we lose someone we love, we feel we never had enough time.
We are not ever ready to say good bye.
Any time there is death we want to do something, anything. We want to yell our love for that person, we want everyone to know just how great our loss is and how very much they meant to us.

Too often, a lovely expression of sympathy can become more than what it should be. We order extravagant arrangements in hopes that we can express that last moment of love. Of course we miss them. Of course we wanted more time together.

Of course
they knew we loved them.

So before you send flowers for a funeral, think about the person you have lost.
What kind of person were they?
Were they bold? Larger than life? Exciting? Colorful?
Send something that speaks to their nature.
Send something bold and big and colorful and exciting!

Were they kind, gentle, demure, sweet?
Send something delicate and sweet.

Did they have favorite flowers or a favorite color?
Make sure the flowers reflect those preferences.

When you think of what you would like to send, think of what is most appropriate for your relationship with the person you loved.
Think about what made you both happy together.

And send what makes you smile.

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