Having flowers doesn’t mean having to break the bank

As much as I would love each and every bride out there to spend a gazillion dollars on her wedding flowers, I know it can never happen.  And you know what?  That is ok.  I LOVE flowers and I would never spend a gazillion dollars on flowers.  Maybe you don’t like flowers, maybe they are something less than an after thought when planning your wedding, or any event for that matter.  Maybe you just can’t afford one more thing.  Still ok.

Any florist is happy to help you plan the perfect flowers for you wedding, party, bridge club, etc.  A good florist will listen to what you want, will work within your budget and will sweat bullets to make it look beautiful no matter what.  A friendly florist will give you ideas even if you don’t end up hiring them.

If you just find it impossible to fit in yet another expense, there is always the DIY method.  There are pros and cons to doing your own flowers.  Fresh flowers cannot be made months or weeks in advance, they are most definitely a last minute detail.  If you don’t enjoy crafting while stressed, you might want to step away from the flowers.  If you find great relaxation and joy in getting your hands a little green days before the party, then pick up some flowers and go!  Maybe you have a talented friend, or group of friends?  Buy a bunch of supplies and let them decide how they should work.  It might mean you will have to let go of the details (so hard!) and allow them to do what they think is beautiful, but in the end you will have a unique part of your wedding, lovingly crafted by people who mean the world to you.  Who doesn’t want that?

Two weddings that have caught my eye recently – very recently, just a couple days ago! – are the weddings of Elsie + Jeremy at A Beautiful Mess.  You can click on over HERE to see how she made her own bouquet, but I would strongly recommend a perusal of the whole site.  The decorations and flowers and unique touches from beginning to end speak to joy and happiness and love.  (and my Josie is lobbying hard to get her hair dyed blue like one of the bridesmaids)

Maybe you are not looking for so much color and would prefer a more traditional white wedding.  With a twist.  You could take your cue from Erin + Jason at 100 Layer Cake.  From beginning to end it was hand made and lovely.  Her flowers were white, but with a twist.  Go HERE to see all the little details that added up to a beautiful and memorable day.  I love the hanging tin cans, what an interesting backdrop, while giving a nod to tradition.  Groupings of small vases are big this year, you could stay all one color, as Erin did, or go colorful.  Did you see her ball jar chandelier?  I hope Ball jars never go out of style!  And lastly, the cake table.  She asked women in her family to bring their favorite cake, frosted white.  What a lovely way to include family and make your wedding your own.

Cheers to both couples!  We wish them many happy and creative years together!

Just a reminder to you.  You can do whatever you want.  You can have lavish traditional bouquets, you can have small and simple bouquets.  You can make your own, you can hire a florist.  Be sure it is a good fit for your event and your personality.  Cheers on your day!