It’s not that hot out, really. It is perfect weather for an outdoor wedding, though! Yesterday I headed to LaPorte to pick up flowers from Becky at Green Trail Farm. She grows her flowers sustainably (translation: it’s hard work), which I love. She grows a whole variety, which I also love. She does not, however, grow Gerber daisies. So today I headed to the wholesaler in Highland to round out the flower order.

This weekend’s bride chose hot pink and white as her colors. A wonderful, bright combination for a bright summer day. They will marry at the watershed, which is the perfect backdrop. Hot pink dresses, bright flowers and a gorgeous location. Who could ask for more?

Did I tell you that I took all four kids with me to get the flowers in Highland? I did.
Usually the husband keeps them, but he could not today.
All went well. Until my Deli, my crazy monkey boy Deli, decided to jump off the loading dock.
I had gone down the stairs with all my children following me to get into the car (or so I thought), while the owner of the wholesale opened the dock doors to begin piling my boxes of flowers for easier loading. Guess which duck was not in a row?

The owner and I just had time to begin yelling “Don’t!”, when SuperDel flung himself from the heights. He landed on his feet, and then his hands, and then his face. Oh, his poor face. He now sports an enormous scraped up goose egg on his forehead. But if you ask him if he’ll ever do that again he answers, “We’ll see.”

Those were today’s adventures with flowers. I think no matter what happens tomorrow it will be much calmer.
The flowers look lovely, tomorrow the bride and her attendants will look lovely.
No one will have goose eggs on their foreheads, I hope.
I’ll post pictures very soon.

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