Did you know that we have the best children’s librarians ever?
I mean EVER.
Not only do they offer a plethora of classes and programs during the year, but they outdo themselves each and every summer planning a fantastic reading program for our little readers.

Last Saturday we had the pleasure of attending our library’s big summer party in honor of the summer reading program. This year’s theme is Dragon Days & Summer Knights. All things medieval. We have been reading books on knights, kings, queens, strange medical concoctions, superstitions, the medieval church and cities. You name it, we’ve read it.

So of course we were delighted to see, in Chesterton’s very own gazebo park, a giant, authentic, medieval bouncy castle!
Olly, olly, olly! Oy! Oy! Oy!

Dressed as a jester, a brave knight of Zorroland and princess Ariel, along with Elia and me (dressed as ourselves – spoilsports) we made our way through the sights and sounds of an authentic medieval faire with an “e”. We saw medieval birds, made robin hood hats, had our faces painted, saw some jousting, talked to dragons, ate some popcorn, listened to dramatic readings of the pied piper, and in general had a merry olde English tyme. It was “the best fair ever”! According to my excited kids.

You know what I thought was the best part of the fair?

When we played Hunker Hauser.

Hunker Hauser is a sort of tug-of-war involving two contestants. Each contestant stands on a wooden block and at the word GO begins to pull on his end of the rope. The object of the game is to have your opponent either drop their end of the rope or lose his balance and fall off the block. More than strength, it is a game of skill and outwitting your opponent. Although it never hurts to have some strength in your corner. Not too hard, right?

The Deli won.
The big guy was tired, clearly.
Or maybe he was afraid of clowns?

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