The Josie is 7

On Saturday we had a birthday party to celebrate the Josie turning 7 and the Deli turning 4. Saturday was Josie’s actual birthay, and maybe just a month late for Del. The most surprising part of that sentence is that we celebrated a birthday on the birthday date. A rare occurence around these parts.

Of course, as seems to be happening a lot lately, my camera died too early, so there are very few photos.

Let’s begin a few days before the birthday, shall we?
The kids decided to make their own pinata.
Well, the kids decided, but only one kid really did it.

Everyone except for the Elia decided that the paper mache mix was too goopy, too smelly,
and too much.
I agreed, but was conscripted.
The original plan was to make a chewbacca head, but we went with a beach ball.

Although it ended up looking like an easter egg.
Whatever it looked like, it didn’t matter.
It was stuffed with candy, so it could have looked like a brown paper bag, for all the kids cared.

We ate a lot of good food. A LOT of good food.
Grandma made a super cute clown cake, I made some pies.
Josie wanted a blueberry pie shaped like Ariel.
I made a blue berry pie with a top crust made from cut out stars.
Close enough,right?

Happy birthday sweet Josie!

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