We’re Baaaaack!

Kind of sort of.  Along with a blogging break I also took an unexpected picture taking break and everything else break.  There’s been a lot of good, bad and ugly in these parts. Oh boy, has there been a lot of ugly, but we are back.  I think.

Let’s just start off slow why don’t we.  I thought we’d start off with a little “what we are listening to now” post, to help get you out of your Christmas music rut, and into a random music rut.  We are always here to help.

Before you click play on this particular piece, you must turn the volume up to 11.  Preferably on a really good set of speakers.

The husband brought this home and we first listened to it in the car with the speakers blaring.  It was great.  The kids will listen to the rest of it, begrudgingly, only after we listen to this part three times.  OK, maybe four.  Or five.  Mikey calls it the fighting waves song.

After Great Grandpa Livovich died, his son (Mike’s Dad), (are you confused yet?) gave us some of his CD’s.  Great Grandma is deaf and has no use for the music.  The husband has recent memories of sitting in a hospital room, holding great grandpa’s hand, listening to Glen Miller, so he started playing it for the rest of us.

I know every single word of this song.  We may have listened to it a couple of times.

We also borrowed “The Glenn Miller Story” from Mike’s parents, and it was great.  Starring Jimmy Stewart and June Allyson, it is full of 1950’s gems, wholly unexplainable to the kids.  Our other favorite?

I could listen to the Glenn Miller Band all day.  And some days I have!  Per the kid’s request, of course. I’m nothing if not an indulgent mother.

While I could listen to Glenn Miller all day, The Andrews Sisters not so much.  Too syrupy.  When we mix them in with other, less sweet tunes, they’re quite enjoyable.

Beware:  This song does bring up some uncomfortable topics.  Things like, “Mom?  What’s ‘pet’?  Why are they mad about a girl who likes to pet?”  Of course I answer their questions with a very honest and straightforward, “Let’s ask your Papi when we get home.”  Works for me!

With thanks to Jalapeño Peppers, we’ve been enjoying the up to date Puppini Sisters quite a bit.  Still lots of boogie, but a bit less syrup than the Andrew Sisters.

The Elia received an iPod for Christmas and she has been greatly enjoying having her own music on it. She’s been listening to Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Natalie Merchant and Cat Stevens.  Oh, what will we do when she starts developing her own tastes?

This is one of her faves right now – and of course it has become ours, too.

Then we play these two really loud, so I don’t go into diabetic shock from all the sweet music.

Both lots of fun.

What about you?  What have you been listening too?

Are you still with us?  Did you shlog through the music?  Did you skip the music entirely?  It’s ok.  One last gem just in case I was becoming vain:

Papi (singing): I’ve got a love-ly pair of coconuts…  (you know, from Gnomeo and Juliet)

Mikey:  Mama’s got a HUUUGE pair of coconuts!

Elia: Mikey, you don’t know what a coconut is.

Deli:  Yes, they are big, and mama has them thiiiis big, and they drop down low….

Elia (with a sigh and an eye roll):  No, Del.  Coconuts are big, brown, hairy balls!

Oh man, the Papi and I were laughing so hard by the end of this conversation.  Time to close the door while I dress, methinks.