A boy and his…. hen?

Saturday morning, you have your coffee or tea, you’ve read your paper, you’ve played you inane computer game, what is missing?  Ah yes!  An update on the chickies!  You knew you were missing something, didn’t you?

After the raccoon ate one of our trio, my friend gave us a new chickie to replace it.  Papi finished a coop for the chickens, so the big ones are outdoors permanently, but baby chickie is a month younger than Harry and Speedy, so has been sleeping indoors and when outside enduring occasional pecking from the big guys.  Chickens are fascinating in their pecking order.  Speedy is the boss, Harry the follower, Peaky (baby) the runt, forcing his way into the pack only to get knocked back on his butt more often than not.  Slowly but surely they are allowing Peaky to be around them, but they definitely let Peaky know where she stands in the little group.

The ladies are fine.  The older two should start laying sometime in September.  But one might not be a lady.  Speedy has been showing signs of rooster-hood; everything from a bigger comb, a more aggressive nature, larger tail feathers, ahem, crowing in the morning…  We’ve been trying to deny it, but we cannot bury our heads in the sand any longer.  Our her is a him.

Anybody want a rooster?



10 thoughts on “A boy and his…. hen?

  1. Dave and I have been trying to figure out what he’s saying in this picture….Dave’s guesses are probably better than what he’s actually saying, but will you put us out of our misery and tell us what he’s saying??? I don’t think I can take many more guesses! FYI, this picture is now Dave’s phone wallpaper….that makes this the second time Deli has occupied his phone home screen….he’s obviously a cutie or at the very least, a knucklehead.

    • Funny! I’d go with knucklehead… He was telling me about the coop he had built for Speedy and how nice it was. It really is just a trash heap of random chairs, grill grates and rusty things he piled together and covered with a gross outdoor rug… But he likes to catch the chickens and put them in it. The things they put up with!

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