A small break


This picture makes me think of Norman Rockwell’s Going and Coming, not so much the going, but the coming.  I wish I had taken a picture of our way to Wisconsin Dells.  It was much less desultory.

We spent the weekend staying up way too late, taking long, long naps on an amazingly comfy hotel bed, and riding water slides to our hearts’ content.

I talked Del into going on a particularly fast water slide, one where we rode together on an inflatable raft.  Mikey rode up front, Del in the middle, myself bringing up the rear.  Halfway through the ride Del began screaming at the top of his lungs what I originally took to be “Make is stop! Make it stop!”, but upon listening more closely over the roar of the water it was actually, “This is so fun! This is so fun!”.  A good time was had by all.

Now we are back to life in Chesterton.  A few of us wishing that the vacation could continue indefinitely, some of us glad to be home and away from the lure of cable TV in every single room.

The kids and I spent a perfectly happy day recharging our batteries with some dear friends, while the poor Papi went back to the salt mines.   Much is made of what a raw deal mothers get, and how underappreciated they are, but on days like today I am grateful for the man who works so incredibly hard to give us the happy life we lead.  He works tirelessly then turns around and works some more.  We love you Papito.