diamonds in the rough

Things are a little late.  We are just now getting cucumbers from Mikey’s plant and some teeny little beans from Elia’s plant.  Del’s bean plant and Josie’s cucumbers succumbed to the heat and the chickens long ago.


I bought a Passion Flower vine earlier in the summer and it is growing like gang busters.  It was taking over our front porch, so I moved it into the back yard where it has been happily climbing the hobbit hut.  The vine itself is not very thick, but the leaves are delicate and pretty, and I love those flowers.



We also have eggs!  Beautiful brown eggs!  Tulip has come through.  Two days ago we found our first egg in the nesting box.  Today we found another lovely brown egg.  They are small gifts, little miracles, waiting in the poop and straw to be picked up and marveled at.  Marvel we did.  We don’t know what to do with these first eggs.  Should they be baked into muffins, as some of us want?  Should they be fried or boiled, so we can enjoy them in simplicity, as other of us would like?   Should we smash them, as *ahem* the more violent of us would choose?  Any suggestions?  Is there a delicious egg thing we can do with these brown jewels?  I hope we find another egg tomorrow!

Also in the garden, people working.

They work hard, chopping, digging, burying various non-compostable and/or jagged items.  Their industriousness is mind-boggling.  You would never catch me like this in the garden.  Because my socks always match.


3 thoughts on “diamonds in the rough

  1. How fun that you are getting veggies and eggs! I always love a fritatta. Or a breakfast burritto. Or homemade egg and cheese on english muffins. Or egg casserole. Mmmm. Eggs.

  2. Yum! Those are all great ideas! I’ve been making the egg and cheese for Mike’s breakfasts, maybe I’ll use one of our precious eggs and see if he can tell the difference. And if he can’t, I’ll tell him to lie.

  3. Love it. Içm sure youçre having fun with all the eggs and harvests. Wish I could be thereª And I donçt know why the language thing has gone crazy on this commentª Oh wellª

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