What you hear in Enanoslivoland pre-Halloween



“I just can’t get the butt right!”


“Those are Mama’s vampire muppet pumpkins, leave them alone!”

“Deli, you are an awesome pumpkin carver.”   “I know. ”

Followed by:

“Whoah! I almost cut my finger off!  But then….  I didn’t.”  shrug



“Meet Skelly.  He has heartburn.”


May I just say that none of this would be possible without the Papi.  He has had a bit more time around the house lately and we are enjoying  it to the fullest.  I find that by the end of the day, actually by the beginning of the day, I do not have the energy and creativity to do all the extra awesome things the kids want to do.  But with the Papi around our lives are so much better.  Carve pumpkins?  Sure, he’ll even make the big funny one and keep the kids away from my little vampire ones!  Prepare for Halloween?  Of course we can!  That milk jug skeleton you see above?  I had no part in it.  I took a bath while the Papi corralled kids, drew a pattern on the jugs, and helped cut and assemble that fantastic piece of plastic.  All after 8pm.  Because he does his best crafting with the kids late.  Coincidentally I do my best sitting in a bath late, so it all works out.

Happy Halloween!



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