Mea Culpa

My sister just emailed me and said that she has had difficulty getting on the blog for a while, could I re-send her the link?

It’s not that the blog is broken, it’s that I’ve lost the mojo.  Somehow life got in the way.  Does that ever happen to you?  You accidentally stop doing something, and you remember that you want to do that something, and then suddenly that something looms so large and important and you’re so behind, that just taking the first step back into doing it seems too hard, so why even try?  Story of my life.

Here we are.  The enanos.  Back.  Let’s start with Christmas, why not?  Or rather pre-Christmas.  I was in the backyard taking pictures for a christmas garland DIY (which never made it online, argh), when I was distracted by these ladies:


See these ladies?  Aren’t they beauties?  Tulip and Raven.  Tulip has been a faithful egg layer since September, but Raven took her sweet time.  After our trading in and out of hens who turned out to be roosters, I bought Raven from a young man advertising “laying hens”.  Well, I bought two hens, came home with three, gave one away, buried another after it was killed by a hawk, and ended up with one.  You follow?  Raven, we named our black beauty.  We looked forward to having two eggs a day.  Two small daily miracles!  Imagine the feasts the six of us would have with two whole eggs a day!!!  Good thing we live close to a grocery store.  We waited, and waited, and waited.

IMG_5026Raven did not lay.  Raven took her sweet time.  Tulip, on the other hand, continued to lay six eggs a week even though it got cold and dark and wintery – the time that hens are supposed to cut production back dramatically.  Tulip kept laying and Raven kept not laying.  Then finally, finally!  Raven laid an egg!  Actually on the very day the husband and I had decided to “get rid” of Raven, she laid.  She must have finally understood my increasingly exasperated whispers of chopping blocks and stew pots, because she started laying and hasn’t stopped.  We’ve had some terrible cold, and occasionally we find little egg ice cubes in the nesting boxes, but those ladies keep right on laying.  I can’t tell you how much we’ve enjoyed these chickies.

IMG_5023So I apologize for taking so long to lay a post.  Please stop whispering threatening things in my direction.  We’re back on the horse, finding the mojo, riding the bicycle, laying the eggs.

Next up, Christmas!


4 thoughts on “Mea Culpa

  1. Jo Ellen and I were just talking about how much we love/miss your blogging 🙂 This post makes me *almost* want chickens. No, yes, I do want them. No, no I don’t. Yes… maybe.

    • Ruthie, I’ve missed you! BTW, I made your meyer lemon cocktail and it was fabulous! I may have had more than two….

      Chickens are dirty stinky things. you have to wash poop off the eggs. But those deep yellow/orange yolks with their creamy goodness are pretty nice…

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