How we cook now – again

IMG_5285It usually starts with Elia finding some type of new and interesting cook book at the library.  This week it is The Unofficial Narnia Cookbook.  She pores over the pages, marking all her favorite recipes with post-its.  She likes to choose the perfect time to ask to cook.  Like a day where I’m trying to get an early supper made so I can slip out to book club, or when I’ve already got three other things happening in the kitchen at that moment.  I find it hard to tell her no.  IMG_5284

Why not boil sugar and cornstarch?  I was only washing dishes, making supper, running interference on boys, listening to a podcast and baking cookies all at the same time.  So why not add candy making?

IMG_5288Look at those long arms.  When did that happen?  I must have blinked somewhere between chubby baby cheeks and “Mom, can we make Turkish Delight?”

Spending snatched moments in the kitchen with this girl makes the mess worth it.  She thinks deeply, but doesn’t like being asked directly.  Ask her straight on what is happening in her mind and she clams up.  Scrutinize too closely and she disappears into a book or a boxy sweater.  But help her stir a cornstarch/sugar mixture continuously for half an hour, and you hear all kinds of wonderful things.   Look at her from the corner of your eye while you do dishes and she glows.

How was the Turkish Delight?  Meh.  The texture freaked me out.  The delightful company of that precious girl?  For that I would make wonky Turkish Delight three times over.


5 thoughts on “How we cook now – again

  1. I thought you were writing about me in your description of Elia. I get her. Maybe I should try making Turkish Delight and invite Benjamin into the kitchen 🙂 Blessed is the Mama who really knows her own and lets them be them…

    • I think Ben is more patient than I am! I’m trying to know them. Most days feels like one victory followed by ten failures, but through Grace and Love we persevere.

      Thanks for all the updates on your fb page! We do enjoy seeing how the Blycker familia is doing!

  2. Love this! What a fun family you have. Your kids are awesome, and Elia is growing so fast! Side note: I hate Turkish Delight. Blech. But that cookbook sounds pretty amazing.

  3. Sounds like Elia and Lizzie were partially cut from the same cloth. Lizzie has Harry Potter, Roald Dahl, and Hunger Games cookbooks, among others.

    Celebrate the uniqueness of your kids!

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