Listen To Your Mother. Really. Listen.

In January, whilst trying to be me right now, I signed Sugarfield up for a Bridal Expo.  It was pretty scary.  But you know what?  We did it!  The husband made me some awesome trees out of huge branches stuck in cat litter buckets filled with cement.  I hung baby’s breath balls and moss and crazy stuff on them.  C.Chavis Photography took great pictures of my booth, go ahead, take a gander.   You saw the “Let’s Fall in Love” sign that the Mikey was holding while Miss Molly kissed him.  In a fit of not-really-hipster-craftyness I cross stitched that sign onto some window screen and stapled it to a frame.  It was pretty neat, and now it looks super neat leaning up against a wall with stuff draped on it.  That’s how we decorate at enanoslivolandia.  So, while riding the high of the Bridal Expo I saw that there were auditions for this thing called Listen To Your Mother.  I’d heard about it before, and I had watched the Youtube videos – which are great! and so I signed up to audition!

Two days before the audition I pulled a bunch of my favorite posts from this here blog and read and re-read them, trying to decide on the perfect one.  And then I wrote something totally new.  Then I went and auditioned.  My hands shook like you would not believe.  I already have crazy palsy hands.  People frequently ask me if I’m ok, and I blame both my mother and my father for cursing me with inherited shakes.  I wish the auditions had had a podium because it was hard to read my piece through the shakes.  But we made it through!

And guess what!  I’m in the show!  It’s pretty exciting, and a little bit scary, but mostly exciting.  For those of you in the area, sorry mi familia, you can go here to get tickets.  For the rest of you, the show will be posted to Youtube, and I will be sure and give you the link.

Crazy stuff, this.


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  1. Kris,

    Congratulations! How exciting!! I have enjoyed the YouTube presentations of LTYM. So happy that you’re speaking this year!


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