I’m Ten!

This girl.  A whole ten.  I know I’ve said this before but we could not imagine our life without the Elia.  At the yearly check-ups the Doctor asked Del, “So who’s the nicest person in your family?”  Del cut his eyes to me because he knew he was supposed to say Mama is the nicest person, but Del thought honesty was the best policy when dealing with doctors, so he answered, “Elia.  Because she takes care of me…  she helps us when we have cuts…  she puts band-aids on me… she reads to me… so yeah, she’s the nicest.”

P1020320He’s right.

I’m not even going to pretend to be offended, because she is by far the nicest of us all.  The band-aids part is so true, too!  Often times I don’t even know kids are hurt until the wound is all healed up!  “Oh, Elia took care of me…” is the answer I’m given when I ask about a lot of things in this house.

P1020367She came downstairs on her birthday morning, gave me a big hug, said, “I’m ten! Can I make us tea?”  She’s ten!

The Great Aunt Becky box arrived on the day with awesome presents and ten whole dollars and the shorts she always dreamed of wearing.  (I wish Aunt Becky gave me a dollar for every year of my life…  ahem, 36 in June Aunt Becky)  She received the traditional Abuela 10 year old birthday gift – a scrapbook of her first year of life.  We love looking at that book with all the chubby little thighs and curly hair and adorable first-child outfits.  I love telling her the memories behind the pictures.  Thank you Abuela.  She’s ten!

IMG_5384She was walking to the library with the Papi and when he asked her why so chipper she responded, “I’m ten!”

IMG_5392Life is good when you hit the double digits.



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  1. Oh, this is too cute. That’s always wonderful when your 10 year old can take care of the younger ones. She learned from a very loving Mama and family, no doubt! Happy Double Digit Birthday!

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