When Papi leaves for work, this is what bids him farewell.

>No Respect


Also known as “this is what I wear on Wednesday”
Aaaargh! Queen! Gimme all your moneys!

I said, gimme all your moneys!
Or I will take it by force!
I have a knife!

Aha! I got the moneys! aaargh…

>Ancient Roman

> At co-op we’re learning ancient history. One of the older boys brought in a helmet and shield he had made. I’m pretty sure the Roman soldiers used bike helmets as the base for their gold helmets… This boy was gracious enough to share his creation with all the little kiddos. Josie loved being “the killer guy”.

>Servant Girls

Mop that floor, Cinderella, or it’s no ball for you.

Don’t worry, Sleeping Beauty, your turn will come.

Oops, missed a spot. That’s right Cinderellie, tell her how to do it.

Good job Sleeping Beauty. So good that you can…

Mop the bathroom too!

>Happy Halloween!

>We had a pumpkin, a Tigger, a princess, a dragon and Joan of Arc (or if you caught Josie at the right moment, “a killerman”). Lots of fun, lots of candy. George’s was giving out free hot dogs and fries to costumed kids, so we went there for supper too! Even the adults got treats! I might be biased, but the pumpkin was the sweetest…