>How We Cook

>I have a lot of help when I cook. Everybody has a job. Deli makes sure the faucet is turned on occasionally – for hand washing, of course! – he also makes sure the hand soap is never too far from his mouth, mmm tasty!

Mikey’s job is to keep track of all my wood and metal utensils. He lays them out on the counter and hands me all the items I might need. Making cookies, mama? Hows about a meat pounder? No? Maybe a whisk? Wooden spoon? Here, take two!

The girls pull up chairs or stools and direct things. They do a lot of taste testing. Baking soda tastes good, flour tastes good, butter tastes Really good. Ginger is too hot and sugar should be eaten by the handful.

Both girls help measure and pour. Sometimes we pour a little for the floor and the counter and the various mouths, but usually all the ingredients make it into the meal.

So if you come by my house unexpectedly, please forgive the mess on the floor. I’ve had a lot of help. And besides, if I clean it up what will Del do for an afternoon snack?



>Papi was working on some trim and things in the kitchen and took out the dishwasher to get into a small space. The Mikey was a very big helper with the hammering. Or as he calls it Bang-Ing!

We are big believers in safety. Nothing but the best work boots, safety goggles and gloves for our little workers…


>The Josie Loves to help me feed Del. And it makes me happy to let her. But we do go through double the amount of food – most of it ends up in his bib, neck and somehow down his back.

>Servant Girls

Mop that floor, Cinderella, or it’s no ball for you.

Don’t worry, Sleeping Beauty, your turn will come.

Oops, missed a spot. That’s right Cinderellie, tell her how to do it.

Good job Sleeping Beauty. So good that you can…

Mop the bathroom too!