Never too cold for Mud Pies


The way we cook, boy edition.

The Mikey and Deli love doing Yucky Tests.  Especially during lunch time.  They dip things in their water, mix foods with sauces, and generally do their absolute level best to gross the sisters out.  The louder the protests from girls, the yuckier the tests become.  I personally really don’t care how gross they make their food, my rule being: Do whatever you want, but you will eat it all.

Both boys are slowly learning some knife skills.  Not because they are slow, but because their mama sometimes can’t handle supervising two sets of fingers at the same time.  And small spastic boys holding knives is a lot to supervise.


The favorite appetizer around these parts is the “Mikey Special Salad”, which involves chopped carrots, chopped celery, LOTS of Tajín, a whole bunch of pepper, and if I’m not watching closely, an entire week’s worth of our recommended salt intake.  It is actually quite tasty.  A plate of this hits the table and is gone in no time at all, every one of us elbowing the others out of the way to snatch up the last spicy bits.

He usually asks to make it if dinner prep is taking way longer than his stomach can handle (most of the time) and if he remembers before asking that I say no to “just a teeny handful of chocolate chips…” as an appetizer (always).  Del shows up halfway through carrot chopping and whines that Mikey always gets to make things and I never get to make things and it’s just no fair! So Del helps chop as well.
IMG_5322These boys concentrate so hard on chopping their celery and carrot bits until they’re not concentrating and I’m gasping, “Your fingers! Watch your fingers! No! Don’t look at me, look at your fingers!!”  No small miracle that up until now the Mikey Special Salad hasn’t come with a bit of chef’s surprise ingredient.

Now that would be a yucky test.