Heard at our house (maybe a bit too much Doctor Who version)

Me, teasing Mikey….

Mikey: Oi!  Shut it!

Me: Mikey! Is that how you talk to your Mama?

Mikey: You know… just like Donna Noble says… ?


Del and Mikey chose Mexico as their country for the home school geography fair.  We read books about it and found out how enormous Mexico City is.  When we looked at the map, Deli was quite impressed at how small Mexico City seems.

Del: It’s just like the Tardis!  Itty Bitty on the map, but huuuuuuuuge when you’re in it!


Josie: Max says that Rango is not a movie for children because it has the “H” word in it a bunch.  I say if he means “hoedown” than he’s wrong.




in a nutshell

Josie:  I think I might be a hobo when I grow up.

Me: Why?

Josie: Oh, you know.  Travel, walk around and see the sights, meet new people, no work to go to…

Elia (exasperatedly ticking off on her fingers): Josie.  You cannot be a hobo.  What about money?  Shelter? Work? Food? You have to do what you are supposed to do!

*That right there folks is the difference between these two girls*