Why del is the worst*

He frequently runs up to the older kids excitedly telling them we’re going to the park/beach/swimming, only to laugh like a maniac when they come to me and find out he was “just teasing”

He told Mikey, “Open your mouth and close your eyes and you will get a big surprise… it’s cookie dough!” When Mikey obeyed, Del popped in a piece of onion.

Lately I wake up with him not so much sleeping next to me as sleeping perpendicular to me. His head or feet pushing into my stomach because apparently I take up too much space. In my own bed.

He uses the words “teeny tiny” for everything. As in: I would like a teeny tiny walk. OR Just a teeny tiny bath please. AND Mama, can your teeny tiny boy sit on your lap?

I bought him his own tomato at the market and he thanked me for being so “gemerous”. If that’s all it takes…

He loves to play rough. He loves playing monster, wrestling and getting knocked down. He always comes back for more. His favorite game with the husband is called Listen Punk. In this game the husband picks Del up by the shirt collar and presses him against the wall, shaking him around, all the while growling in Del’s face to “Listen Punk, I’ve had enough of you. I’m gonna…..” You get the picture. Del busts a gut laughing every single time.

His favorite method for teasing his sisters? Mooning them. When they complain and I get after him he responds, “But Mama, I wasn’t touching anything! …..and besides, it was just a teeny tiny butt…”

He asked to dictate a letter to Josie, which I thought was an awfully sweet idea. Until I read it.

:: Dear Josie,

You are a stinkybrain and you smell.

From, Mikey ::



*according to his sisters – but you know we mean awesomest





Heard at our house (maybe a bit too much Doctor Who version)

Me, teasing Mikey….

Mikey: Oi!  Shut it!

Me: Mikey! Is that how you talk to your Mama?

Mikey: You know… just like Donna Noble says… ?


Del and Mikey chose Mexico as their country for the home school geography fair.  We read books about it and found out how enormous Mexico City is.  When we looked at the map, Deli was quite impressed at how small Mexico City seems.

Del: It’s just like the Tardis!  Itty Bitty on the map, but huuuuuuuuge when you’re in it!


Josie: Max says that Rango is not a movie for children because it has the “H” word in it a bunch.  I say if he means “hoedown” than he’s wrong.