in a nutshell

Josie:  I think I might be a hobo when I grow up.

Me: Why?

Josie: Oh, you know.  Travel, walk around and see the sights, meet new people, no work to go to…

Elia (exasperatedly ticking off on her fingers): Josie.  You cannot be a hobo.  What about money?  Shelter? Work? Food? You have to do what you are supposed to do!

*That right there folks is the difference between these two girls*


6 thoughts on “in a nutshell

  1. Ha ha. Let Elia know that it’s possible to do both. I played “hobo” for almost two years and hitch hiked across the country and back. I turned out okay. I think. 🙂

  2. What’s Josie’s definition of a hobo?? Glad Elia got her straightened out – I guess she’ll just have to take care of her sister in her new “career”!!

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